Sustainable Building Technologies

combined heat & power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are great solution for buildings with sustained heat and power requirements. Traditionally larger commercial buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and supermarkets have benefitted from these systems.

Domestically this technology can be utilised in district heating schemes but micro systems are now coming onto the market which will bring CHP into individual homes. We at SBT use our knowledge base to ensure the right system is designed for your buildings requirements.

Although not a renewable technology CHP will reduce the carbon emissions of a building as they generate both heat and electricity from a combustion ‘engine’. By using the electricity at the point it is generated better power efficiencies are achieved.

CHPs are normally >70% efficient in power generation. This is compared to coal fired (circa 38%) and gas fired (48%) power stations which also suffer from higher transmission losses. They tend to use fossil fuels (gas is a popular option because of the ease of supply) although units which run from carbon neutral fuels such as biodiesel are also available. A traditional heating system will normally be required as a back up for the CHP units to cover any downtime (servicing etc) and make up any shortfall in peak time requirements. The CHP unit simply ‘bolts onto’ this heating system and a well designed system will produce a large proportion of the buildings heating needs along with the gain of generating electricity at the same time.

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