Sustainable Building Technologies

free compliance calculations*

SAP calculations are required for all new domestic developments and show how a building will comply with Building regulations part L. It is important these calculations are done at the design stage so any changes to the spec or design can be incorporated early on in the project and avoid any costly alterations after the build has started.

At SBT we work with our partners to ensure you are provided with fully independent and impartial calculations. Our advantage over other suppliers is that we are lead by the results of SAP or SBEM calculations in what technology is best to supply you, not the other way around. We do not favour any one product and only offer the best performing products in SAP/SBEM from each renewable technology. This means you can be confident you are being supplied with the correct and so the most cost effect product for you and your project.

Along with SAP we can also organize a variety of consultancy/compliance services including your water efficiency calculations which since 6th April are required by building regs Part G.

*If you order and pay for your SAP or Water Efficiency calculations through us you could qualify for a full refund of the cost of the calculations when you make a related purchase from us.

Please contact our sales office for full details.