Sustainable Building Technologies

heat pumps

Heat Pumps are a great way of tapping into the naturally occurring (and free!) solar energy stored in the air, ground or water. They use a proven technology to transfer the ambient heat energy from outside the building to heating systems and/or hot water supply.

Ground source heat pumps require a run of buried pipe work in order to collect heat from the ground. This can be laid out in a shallow trench or via deep bore holes. Ground source heat pumps give an efficiency return of around 300% for the energy input they require to operate (i.e. for every unit of energy consumed the heat pump will produce 3 units of heat).

Air source heat pumps are smaller units and they are easier to install as their main requirement is for an external ambient air flow. This makes them suitable for more installations – including urban sites and apartments. They are less efficient than the ground source pumps but you can still expect a return of at least 200% for the energy used.

From April 2011 the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is also expected to offer an annual payment for energy generated by Heat Pumps.

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