Sustainable Building Technologies

mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are, pound for pound, a very effective way of helping buildings comply with the new Part L Building Regulations and at the same time fulfill the new Part F regulations.

At Sustainable Building Technologies we will ensure you are supplied with an efficient and well designed system which will score highly in SAP/SBEM and will help achieve the 25% reduction in carbon emissions required to meet the new regulations.

Air Tightness is a key element in efficient, modern buildings. However new problems can occur in very air tight buildings such as high humidity, poor air quality and unhealthy levels of pollen and pollutants. This is now addressed under the new Part F regulations which require higher levels of ventilation and air quality for buildings with predicted air leakage rates of under 5m3/m2/hr@50Pa.

Traditional kitchen and bathroom extraction systems extract not only the humid air, but also the heat energy in the air. MVHR systems recover this heat before it’s exhausted outside and transfer this to the new fresh air which is introduced back into the building.

Our MVHR systems are not only very efficient in terms of their heat recovery but also benefit from very efficient fans and controls meaning that they perform extremely well in SAP & SBEM. Many of our systems also benefit from ‘summer bypass’ which means they can effectively cool the building during the summer months without having to use expensive and very inefficient air conditioning systems.

We can also carry out the air tightness testing of new buildings and assist with the effective sealing of the building fabric to ensure the MVHR system is working as effectively as possible.

Please contact our sales office for further information on MVHR and Air Tightness in buildings.