Sustainable Building Technologies

solar thermal

Solar thermal water heating works by solar collectors absorbing radiated heat from the sun and then transferring this heat to an indirect hot water cylinder. We at Sustainable Building technologies are able to offer expert guidance and highly competitive prices for solar thermal systems (including suitable cylinders). By purchasing our systems you can have peace of mind that you have the correct system to help compliance with the carbon emissions rate set out in the new Part L of the Building Regulations.

Solar thermal collectors tend to take up less roof space than that required for an effective photovoltaic system. As a rough rule of thumb 1m2 is required for every occupant of a dwelling. Solar thermal heaters will pre-heat water in a cylinder however some additional heating is usually required during the winter months to achieve a suitable delivery temperature.

Solar thermal is included in the proposed Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) due to come into effect in April 2011. Solar thermal technologies will therefore have the additional benefit of an annual payment made to the home owner for the energy produced.

Please contact our team to discuss the use of solar thermal in your project.