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wind turbines

Wind power is set to play an increasingly important role the generation of electricity in the UK. The British Isles has around 40% of Europe’s total wind resources.

When considering wind turbines we always recommend a period of investigation of the site. At Sustainable Building Technologies we can assist you through the whole process from initial feasibility studies, site surveys, turbine supply & installation, through to the final commissioning of the turbine.

Use of wind power in new domestic and commercial developments will usually fall within ‘small scale wind power generation’. These are defined as single turbines with an output of less than 50kW. To be truly cost effective a rural location with an uninterrupted wind path is usually required.
Smaller roof top turbines are also available. These are typically 0.5 – 1.5kW and so provide background generation only. With all turbines the siting of the mast is crucial to maximise generation.

Wind power also benefits from the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme introduced in April 2010.

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